Blade Fuse


Next – Gen Circuit Protection
Devices for the next-level in safety


Blade Fuse


Safety. It’s in our DNA –
Protectron Fuses
and Circuit Protectron

The Widest Range of Professional Quality AC & DC Fuses

Available in Cartridge Type / SMD/ Bolt Down / PCB Mount and Thro Hole Versions

Safety in our DNA- Protectron Fuses and Circuit Protection Devices

Making the
Perfect Connection

Board to Board & Board
to Wire Male Connectors.

Perfect Mating

Formed and Machined Contact
Female Headers / FPC /FRC Connectors

Board to Board & Board
to Wire Female Connectors.

Wire to Board

Offering both cable assemblies
and PCB headers. Connectors are
available in variety of pitches with
tiny PCB footprints and low
profile mated heights.

Wire to board

Maximum Connections

IC Sockets and PLCC Sockets –
High reliability precision-machined interconnect components

IC Sockets &
PLCC Sockets


Keeping the Noise where it belongs.

EMI RFI Shielding available in single and 2 part constructions and a choice of materials and plating

Life was meant to
be this way – Wireless

SIM and SD card Connectors & Smart Card Holders

SIM / SD / Smart
Card Holders


RJ 45 / USB / DC Jacks and
Telephone Connectors, Also available
in Automotive Grade

RJ 11 / RJ 45 /

Terminal blocks

The right connection for your
most varying requirements.

Terminal Blocks

Cable assembly

Simple Jumpers to Complex Harnesses Protectron your top choice for Interconnect Solutions

Cable Assembly

Mini / LP Mini / Mini Resistor

Life After Death

Blade / Plug-In / Spade Fuses,
Protectron offers you the
complete Range of Automotive
Fuses that self-destruct
to protect everything
that’s important.

MINI Resistor

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